Expert in 0-60

The first Augmented Reality Podcast

When Ford launched the new Mustang Mach-E, the world couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. The problem was, they couldn’t.

With only a handful of prototype Mach-Es in the world, and vehicles not rolling off the production line for at least another 12 months, dealers and customers were left wanting. And then 2020 did its thing, which made it even more difficult for people to get close to a Mach-E. Ford needed a way to get the Mach-E into the world, to deliver this electric Mustang, with the same rule-breaking spirit as the iconic pony itself. So they dropped Expert in 0-60. A first of its kind augmented reality podcast.

An Augmented Reality Podcast

This entirely new experience allows listeners to walk around an AR Mach-E, while Ford engineers and designers point out the vehicle’s special features. Over ten episodes, Expert in 0-60 covers everything from design inspiration to electric power to charging, taking you from Mach-E novice to expert in under 60 seconds. Listeners can easily explore more episodes by simply swiping across to the next.

Social at its core

We launched with a series of dramatic teaser trailers on Instagram Stories, which linked directly to each episode with a simple Swipe Up. 

Built entirely within Facebook and Instagram, people could easily customize, record their own episodes, and share. With audio guides,  personalization, and accessibility (there’s no need to download an app), Expert in 0-60 sits in a class of its own, in regards to existing AR filters on the market.

The Real Experts

Each episode is jam-packed with personal anecdotes from our nine Ford experts. Including Chief technical officer, Robert Iorio, talking Mustang power while a virtual Mach-E leaps from 0-60 right in front of you. And Interior Designer Rachel Robinson, who instructs listeners to step inside the cockpit and hear her design inspiration for this future-facing vehicle. We interviewed experts from a variety of backgrounds, including interior design, systems designers, and even an ex-NASA engineer.

As an extension of the campaign, Ford experts took advantage of Expert in 0-60’s innovative storytelling to help bring fans closer to the vehicle. With live AR demonstrations during an interactive webinar series, hosted by Ford.

Ideal for Dealers

Expert in 0-60 doubled as an invaluable tool for Ford dealers. With no physical vehicles available for customers and dealers to see in real life, each AR episode helped them create bespoke content for their Mach-E hungry customers.

This could transform the way we think about AR

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This right here is the future

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Kind of badass for a badass new Mustang

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Ford is reinforcing the high-tech nature of this SUV


They’re approaching AR in a new kind of format


Experience the vehicle like never imagined

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