Mach-E v Everything

Dear World, challenge accepted.

When Ford announced it was electrifying its iconic Mustang, the internet wanted to know how it stacks up against the competition. Search engines lit up with requests for Mustang vs Tesla, Mustang vs Mach-E, Mustang vs Audi E-Tron, and more. So in true Mustang spirit, we didn’t want to do more than merely respond to the doubters, we wanted to silence them. With Mustang Mach-E vs. Everything. 

The Campaign
We inspired millions of car buyers worldwide, helping shift the perception of EVs.
Mach-E v Gravity
The acceleration from the Mustang Mach-E is butt-clenchingly fast. But is it fast enough to challenge the laws of gravity? Let’s find out.

Mach-E v Rocket Science
The Mach-E’s battery range is an impressive 300+miles. But 300 miles is hard for most people to visualize. So we showed them. With a rocket.
Mach-E v Pit Crew
The Mach-E is capable of receiving updates over the air. Anytime, anywhere. Even on the move. The only thing more efficient would be if it had its own pit crew… or would it?
Mach-E v Lightning
Ford’s Fast Chargers do exactly what they say on the tin. They charge the Mach-E really really fast. So fast that we had to look to the heavens to find a challenger.
Mach-E v DNA
The Mach-E's intelligent system recognizes each individual driver as they approach, to automatically adjust the cockpit to match their personal preferences. But how intelligent is it really? Smart enough to tell the difference between identical twins?
More than a Mustang
A new breed of vehicle for a new audience

To help excite and engage the Mach-E’s new target audience we launched a digital ‘Zine that went behind the scenes of the Mustang Mach-E vs Everything campaign. Unreleased imagery and details on the stunts helped show those who had placed their order what they were getting, and those who hadn’t, what they were missing out on.

Creative Direction: Joe Fox
Creative Direction: Ricky Bowry

Executive Creative Directors: Phillip Sicklinger, Alex Booker // Creative Direction: Rob Conception, Meredith Karr // Jnr Creative: Sabrina Ghantous, Georgia Murphy // Account team: Cara Duffy, Liz Boone, Allison Piper // Producer: Melanie Cornish, Diane Hill // Project Manager: Dan Brown //Production Co: 1stAveMachine // Directors: Bob Partington, Aaron Duffy // Editorial: Friendshop! // Editor: Alex Pirrone // Asst. Editor: Lily Kleinman